Magoito Beach

pmagoito 03

The ideal beach for a perfect suntan...

This beach is located at the mouth of the Ribeira da Mata (Mata River) close to Magoito village, north-east of Sintra.


Apple Beach

pmacas 02

This is a golden sandy beach at the mouth of the river which gives it its name: as the story goes, during the autumn, the river would carry with it apples from the farms it ran through, thus giving the beach its name. The village began to spring up at the end of the 19th century when Father Matias del Campo, the Colares parish priest, Manuel Prego, a local from Azenhas do Mar, and the composer and painter, Alfredo Keil, who wrote the Portuguese national anthem ("A Portuguesa"), built the first three houses.


Samarra Beach

Praia da Samarra2

Although one may admire the beauty of this small stretch of sand adorned by an unusual water-mill, few people will know that on top of the rocky cliff at the southern end of the beach, there existed, four thousand years ago, the settlement of Pedranta – one of the first settlements in the Sintra area.


St. Julian's Beach

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This beach is located further north within the district of Sintra. The River Falcão divides the beach between the two Districts of Sintra and Mafra; the largest stretch of sand falls within the Sintra District with approximately 2 km of sandy white beach and a very alluring blue sea.


Adraga Beach

adraga 02

Wild and rugged, intensely blue... simply beautiful!

Well known for its clean water and its vast expanse of sand that is easily accessible, Adraga Beach stands out for the stunning landscape which surrounds it. In 2003, it was considered one of the 20 best European beaches by Sunday Times readers and journalists and was awarded an honourable third place.


Praia da Ursa (Bear Beach)

Praia da Ursa 2

On its north side one can see two gigantic rocks, the first of which reminds us of a proud female bear.


Azenhas do Mar Beach

Azenhas 03

A veritable picture postcard, Azenhas do Mar boasts a stunning location where houses are perched on the side of a cliff all the way down to the sea and are bathed in dreamy white light, at once beautiful and awe-inspiring.



Praia Aguda

The golden sands, the pure Atlantic waters and the coastline with magnificent cliffs turn the Sintra beaches into real pleasure spots. Besides bathing and the radiant summer sun, the Sintra beaches also afford superb conditions for water sports, while the cliffs provide paragliding lovers with excellent jumping ramps.


Pirate Bay


The “malveirões,” pirate clans who lived part of the year in Malveira da Serra, tricked and attracted the boats that came close to Cabo da Roca by lighting up fires in order to make it look like they were near the capital. After the boats were shipwrecked, the survivors were killed and the wreck was looted.


Big Beach

pgrande 02

As the name suggests, this is the largest beach along the Sintra coastline where a vast expanse of clean sand delights holidaymakers. The golden sands, the clean Atlantic waters and the coastline itself, with its magnificent steep cliffs, make this Sintra beach a delightful spot at any time of year.


Sintra’s beaches among the Top 100 Quality Coast Destinations

praia ouro

This list of award-winning destinations results from a wide search and a strict selection process of more than 800 coastal and island destinations, which should be considered the most attractive for visitors interested in nature and landscape, a clean environment, local identity and cultural heritage.


Fojo and the Alvidar Stone


Fojo - Praia da Adraga

It is said that the Romans believed that at the bottom of the Fojo hole there was a 90 metre Triton playing music on a shell.


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