Queluz National Palace

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This palace is the most accomplished and remarkable example of Portuguese Romantic architecture. Built at approximately 500 metres above sea level, it goes back to 1839, when the prince consort D. Fernando II of Saxe-Coburg (1816-1885) bought the ruins of the Hieronymus Monastery of Our Lady of Pena and began to make it into a small palace.

To oversee the work, he called Baron Eschwege, whose inspiration for this remarkable edifice came from palaces in Bavaria. Extremely fanciful, Pena’s architecture uses not only Moorish, gothic and Manueline motifs, but also the Wagnerian spirit of Central Europe’s, Schinkel castles.

Begun in 1747 by the Infante Dom Pedro, future King Pedro III, and completed after his marriage to Dona Maria I (1760), Queluz National Palace is a striking reflection of a taste and an epoch dominated by the the atrical, by appearances and the need for ample spaces.

Although Queluz is sometimes compared to the Palace of Versailles for its graceful façades, fine Palace gardensdotted with Baroque fountains, statues and spots for dallying, it is a truly Portuguese construction, in its own artistic spirit.

It may be mentioned that nowadays this Palace is the official residence of foreign personalities who are received by the Portuguese State, as well as being used for many concerts, exhibitions and pageant.






(Situated 15 km from Old Quarter)

Lg. do Palácio Nacional
2745-191 Queluz

Tel. #351 214 343 860
Fax #351 214 352 575


IC 19 (Sintra-Lisbon), turn-off to Queluz




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