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Leal da Câmara Museum

A visit to this Museum provides an insight into the artistic fancy of Tomás Leal da Câmara (1876-1948), eminent caricaturist, painter and political orator of worldwide fame.

Permanent exhibition of Leal da Câmara's paintings

LealCamara reis


International Sculpture Centre

facebookCIntEscultura n

This is a non-profit making cultural association, open to artists and anyone interested in art. Its aim is to make Portuguese sculpture known at home and abroad, providing working conditions to artists of all nationalities. It has a permanent exhibition of sculpture and working studios open to visitors.


Air Museum


As a result of a reorganisation of the Air Museum, a new one opened to the public in Sintra’s Air Base Nº 1 at the end of January 2010, allowing us to continue to fulfil our commitment to preserving, restoring and exhibiting our national aviation heritage.


Anjos Teixeira Museum


 Master Pedro Anjos Teixeira's and his father's collections

(Municipal Property)


Ecclesiastical Archives of the Sintra Historical Archive


This project has resulted in the cleaning, documental treatment and digitalization of 1079 documents from 37 collections of Sintra’s secular clergy (parish churches), regular clergy (convents and monasteries), and canonical collections (brotherhoods, misericórdias, and hospices) to which the public can now have digital access from a local research point at the Historical Archive, or from the Sintra Town Council’s Intranet and, in the future, through the Sintra Town Council’s website.


Works of the Sintra and Queluz National Palaces on the Google Art Project

google art project

 These will be the only Portuguese palaces represented on this platform, joining great names such as the Versailles Palace (Paris), the Grassi Palace (Venice), MoMA (New York), and the Queen Sophia Museum (Madrid), as well as many other institutions, including the Berardo Collection Museum.


Ferreira de Castro Museum


Ferreira de Castro's collection


The architect mark in Sintra’s landscape

This Project, whose results can be seen on the Sintra Town Council website ( or through the URL http://, shows the most striking and emblematic Sintra and Portuguese architecture and architects between the 1920’s and the 1960’s, as well as the various types of documents stored in the Historical Archive.


Sintra Virtual Art Museum

museu virtual

The selection made for the virtual museum is centred on works from the 19th century up to today, and does not, obviously, reflect the whole existing patrimony, but it shows diversity and quality.


São Miguel Odrinhas Archaeological Museum

masmo 01

The S. Miguel de Odrinhas Museum and Archaeological Site dates as far back as the mid sixteenth century.


Catribana Roman bridge and road

These are the remains of a bridge and of a small stretch of a 3rd century road that were built rather late in the period of the Roman occupation.

ponte romana de CatribanaThey would probably have given access to a Roman agricultural “villa” located on top of the hill situated immediately to the South, known as “Catribanc Castle.”


Museu São João de Deus

MuseuS J Deus telhal

The visits, which require prior booking, are accompanied by Museum practitioners who take the visitors on a journey through the history of this Hospitaller Order, and through the evolution of psychiatric treatments in Portugal from the end of the 19th century until today.”


Live Science Centre


A new Live Science Centre for the dissemination of science and technology opened its doors in the old Tramway Garage in Sintra, on 20th November 2006.The human body, water, and circus performing arts are the three topics of the interactive exhibitions of the Sintra Live Science Centre that will join the 12 other Centres that make up the Live Science Centre Network.


Moors’ Castle has new flood lighting

The new lighting is based on the LED RGB technology, making it possible to create various settings with colour variations.
mouros noite The projectors  are distributed not only along the perimeter of the walls but also among the rocks, enabling one to see the Castle as well as its geological surroundings.


Sintra's Natural History Museum

mhn 03mhn 01mhn 05
Sintra has another cultural site – the new Sintra’s Museum of Natural History, where visitors may find the only specimen in the world of a species of flying reptiles, the Braseodactylus sp, or see a simulation of the big-bang.


Sintra Museu Klaus Ohnsmann

museu klaus ohnsmann 1

With Sintra as his theme, he has held many exhibitions in Spain, Germany, and Portugal. With his artistic production centred on Sintra, he has converted the museum into a live space, where works are continuously renewed. The painter’s idea was to create a museum where visitors can see Sintra through the eyes of an artist.


The baroque fountains in the Vila and the Colares Old Road

fonte 1

Built on Sintra´s main scenic and cultural routes, the fountains of the Vila Velha and the Colares Road – Sabuga, Pipa,   Mata-Alva, Penha Verde, Ladrões and Seteais – are symbols that should be safeguarded and protected as important historical and artistic landmarks.


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