São Miguel Odrinhas Archaeological Museum

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The S. Miguel de Odrinhas Museum and Archaeological Site dates as far back as the mid sixteenth century.

AC6MoldePreHistrico4The first collection of Roman inscriptions from the site and its surroundings was assembled next to the centenary chapel of S. Miguel, at the time in question, at the initiative of AC6Odrinhas2 1several erudite humanists particularly including, inter alios, Francisco d'Ollanda. This collection, having fallen into disrepair after the "Golden Century" of Portuguese Culture, was given new life in 1955 when the Sintra Town Council built a small archaeological museum on the site.

The current structures of the museum are very different from the first endeavours and its objectives are broader. The museum currently comprises a series of courtyards and buildings covering an approximate area of 15 thousand square metres.

It includes three and a half thousand square metres of covered area, which not only contain vast areas for use as a permanent display (Epigraphs section covering the Etruscan, Roman, Visigothic and Portuguese eras; and the Archaeology section from the mid Palaeolithic to the Modern Era, concentrating particularly on prehistoric eras and the Roman Dominion) but also a specialised public library, auditorium, bookstore, temporary exhibition hall and a multiplicity of leisure areas.

The site also houses the ruins of the Roman villa of São Miguel de Odrinhas and the megalithic sanctuary of Monte da Barreira, comprising a large number of man made abutments and menhirs, is to be found in the vicinity.Reference should also be made to the architectural qualities of the new Museum which purposefully employs a syncretic language bridging classicism and the traditional architecture of the region in an endeavour to create a profoundly humanised ambience.

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 Permanent Exhibitionmodrinhas1 1

"The Stone Book"
Latin and medieval epigraphy, including a guided visit to the archeological ruins.





Av. Prof. Dr. D. Fernando de Almeida
S. Miguel de Odrinhas
2705-735 S. João das Lampas

Tel. #351 219 613 574/7
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