Monserrate Park

monserrate 08The Monserrate Park, at one time a quinta of orchards and cultivated land, became a park in the 18th century, when Gerard DeVisme rented the quinta from its owners, the Mello e Castro family. Since that time, all those who followed him - William Beckford, the Cook family, the Portuguese State and finally, since September 2000, the Parques de Sintra-Monte da Lua, S.A. – have tried to create a unique and beautiful botanical garden. Francis Cook, who would later become the 1st Viscount of Monserrate played a fundamental role in its development.


Parks and gardens

Parque das Merendas

Parque das Merendas

(Picnic Park)

In view of the fact that in the Parque das Merendas there is a small greenhouse with many species of aromatic plants, the Sintra Town Council decided to turn this area into an exhibition of aromatic and medicinal plants, providing information on their diversity, properties, uses and legends. New plants have been introduced, and posters placed to help identify the various species.


Countess of Edla’s Cottage and Gardens

chalet condessa2

The two-story Cottage was designed and built by King D. Fernando II and by the Countess of Edla, whom he married in 1869.


Parks and Gardens of Queluz National Palace

queluz 02

The Palace is surrounded by a French geometric garden decorated with statues, balustrades, lakes and tiles.


Monserrate Park’s Mexico Garden

Monserrate jardim mexico

The renovation of the 100-year old Mexico Garden, which is part of Sintra’s area that has been listed in Unesco’s world heritage sites, necessitated the importation of 3500 plants mainly from the American continent at a cost of 140 thousand euros.

Francis Cook, later Viscount of Monserrate, ordered plants from all over the world for Monserrate, and organized them by geographical areas (1860-1870).


Animals in the Park


BichosnoParqueIn an excellent display of the versatility of paper reutilisation and a good example of art made with recycled materials, “Animals in the park” is the name of this sculpture exhibition made in paper paste by Gandhy Piorsky, a specialist in the papietage technique.


Pena Park

ParquePenaAC14 1

Born out of D. Fernando II’s inspiration, the Pena Park is the result of the intellectual and artistic philosophies of the 19th century, the Romantic era. With the collaboration of an architect, baron Eschwege, and an engineer, baron Kessler, D. Fernando designed the whole park around the Pena Palace.


Freedom Park - Parque da Liberdade

pq liberdade 09

In the Park there is a skating rink of adequate size for roller-skate hockey games, where, up to 12 years ago, the Sintra Hockey Club trained, and played against rival teams.


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